Crime Doctor

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Real Identity: Dr. Matthew Thorne
Appearances (BTAS): Paging the Crime Doctor
Skills: Medical Practioner
Voiced By: Joseph Campanella

Matthew Thorne is the brother of mob boss Rupert Thorne. 40 years ago, he graduated medical school alongside his two close friends, Thomas Wayne and Leslie Thompkins. However, for his part in refusing to reveal the location of his brother to the police, Thorne's license to practice was revoked. In return, Rupert Thorne set Matthew Thorne up in a clinic where he operated on the mob underworld. He earned the nickname of "Crime Doctor."

Matthew Thorne despised what he did and sought to get his license re-instated. He got his chance when Rupert suffered a severe heart attack. Unwilling to go to the proper hospital out of fear of his rivals, Rupert demanded Matthew to perform surgery. Matthew obliged in exchange to get Rupert to work his connections to get his license back. Matthew sought the help of Dr. Thompkins. However, when Matthew realized they were going to kill Thompkins once the surgery was finished, Matthew tried to escape with her. Batman intervened and stopped Rupert's gunmen. In jail, Matthew Thorne was approached by Bruce Wayne. Wayne offered to pay for his lawyer in return for hearing stories about his late father, to which Matthew Thorne obliged.