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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): Ashton Biotechnics
Appearances (SS): Shebang
Powers/Skills: Armed Combat and Tracking
Voiced By: Charlie Rocket

Crewcut is an agent of Ashton Biotechnics assigned to capture Shenice Vale alive and return her to the company. While the Vale Family remained under the radar, Shenice Vale couldn't and debuted in Dakota City as She-Bang. Crewcut's team recognized her from a newspaper article and analyzed a glove left at the scene. After the lab analysis returned a 98% DNA match, he decided to make a move. He and his team attacked She-Bang and Static with knockout gas then verified her with a hand held retina scanning device. Static and Gear traced Crewcut and She-Bang to the Guin Airfield. Static then used his Static Cling to immobilize Crewcut and save She-Bang. He was the first arrested by the US Marshals Service, after the Vale's joined the Federal Witness Protection Program.