Count Vertigo

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Real Identity: Count Werner Vertigo
Appearances (BTAS): Off Balance
Skills: Device that induces dizziness and vertigo
Voiced By: Michael York

Werner Vertigo was in line to become the king of the eastern European country, Vlatavia. His family, however, was forced to flee to Britain in the wake of the expanding communist country USSR. Vertigo also suffered from an inner ear defect. He received an electrical implant in his right temple that helped him overcome the defect. The device allowed him to affect the balance of others and induce symptoms of dizziness and vertigo.

Vertigo came into the employ of Ra's al Ghul's Society of Shadows. However, Ra's began to realize that Vertigo meant to eventually ursurp power. Ra's banished Vertigo to an eastern monastery. But Vertigo continued to operate a splinter group and set his sights on an experimental sonic drill developed by Wayne Tech. With it, he believed he could solidify his power base. Batman and Ra's daughter, Talia, teamed up to pursue Vertigo to Europe. Batman simply overcame Vertigo's traps by closing his eyes. Batman and Talia intercepted his get away by setting off the monastery's church bells. Vertigo leaped to his apparent death and Ra's retained control over his organization.