Clock King

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Real Identity: Temple Fugate
Affiliation(s): Task Force X
Appearances (BTAS): The Clock King and Time Out of Joint
Appearances (JLU): Task Force X
Skills: Weaponry, Strategy, and Computer Hacking
Voiced By: Alan Rachins

The Clock King, Temple Fugate is a criminal genius warped by a psychological obsession with time. Fugate was once an efficiency expert at his firm in Gotham City. One day, while on the subway to work, Fugate spoke with a casual acquaintance, the then Councilor Hamilton Hill. Fugate's firm was in a court hearing, that if he lost, he would be effectively bankrupted. Hill suggested he relax and take some time to himself in preparation for the case. Fugate decided to take a break at a park, but lost his documents and lost his case.

Seven years later, Fugate resurfaced during Mayor Hill's re-election bid in order to disenfranchise him. Over time, Fugate obsessively took account of every activity that went on in Gotham, from the six minute late train to the contents of Batman's utility belt. As Clock King, he kidnapped Hill and attempted to kill him atop a clock tower. It turned out that Hill's firm represented the plaintiff in Fugate's case.

Despite having a meek appearance, Clock King proved to be a near match for Batman. He studied news reels of Batman in action and memorized Batman's moves with a deadly accuracy. Clock King also modified assorted time pieces into weapons such as explosives, bolos and a sword. However, Batman's unpredictability led to the collapse of the tower. Clock King cheated death and waited in the shadows for another chance to kill Hill.

Fugate infiltrated the estate of a reclusive scientist named Dr. Wataki. Wataki was working on an experimental device that when worn, would allow the user to warp time and travel at seemingly super speed. Fugate posed as Wataki's butler until he learned how to operate the device. He soon returned to Gotham and tried to kill Hill again. Batman and Robin went to Wataki's estate and freed him from a trap set by Fugate. Wataki was convinced to give Batman and Robin their own devices to stop the Clock King. In the end, he was caught and arrested.

While serving time incarcerated, Fugate was approached by Cadmus, the government sponsored agency devoted to procure defenses against the Justice League. Fugate joined Cadmus' Task Force X in exchange for a pardon. He was recruited primarily for his tactical prowess and systems infiltration skills as the Force's strategist.

On a recent mission, Fugate was able to hack Justice League computers and learned duty rosters and security routines. While the other members of the Force, Colonel Flagg, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang and Plastique boarded the Watchtower incognito, Fugate remained in a safe house and coordinated the mission.