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Real Identity: Circe
Appearances: This Little Piggy and Dead Reckoning
Powers: Goddess of Sorcery
Voiced By: Rachel York

From Greek mythology, Circe is a sorceress best known for her ability to turn men into animals, and most commonly pigs.

An immortal, Circe exchanged her soul for unlimited magic from the Greek goddess of sorcery. In mythology, Circe is best known in the "Odyssey" where she transformed men into pigs. On one occasion, Circe attempted to destroy Themyscrira but was defeated. Circe was sentenced to the Pit of Tartarus where she carried a grudge against Hippolyta. A bureaucratic oversight allowed Circe to be paroled in the 21st century on the oath that she would spare Hippolyta. Circe, agreed, but had no difficulty in dispatching her daughter, Diana or Wonder Woman into a pig. Also jealous of her relatives, the Sirens, Circe attempted to out stage them at the Amphitheater in Greece.

When Zatanna and Batman attempted to incapacitate her, she conjured her trademark beastiamorphs. Having a perchance for deal making, Batman was able to convince Circe to return Wonder Woman to normal in exchange for showing his vulnerability to the world in the form of singing.