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Real Identity: David Clinton
Appearances: The Once and Future Thing Part One and Part Two
Powers: Time travel
Voiced By: Peter MacNicol

David Clinton was a physics professor 50 years into the future. Clinton lost his funding after claiming that he was on the verge of making time travel a practicality. Clinton lost his sanity but managed to perfect a way to travel time via a belt he constructed. Donning his 'Chronos suit', Clinton began going into the past and stealing priceless artifacts. While in the present, Clinton attempted to steal one of Batman's utility belts. However, the trio of Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern John Stewart tried to intervene but they ended up in the Wild West, circa 1879. After rectifying the transgressions as much as possible, the trio was again forced into following Clinton through a time tunnel, this time, into his own time, 50 years from the JLU's present time. But time was disrupted, leaving the JLU to fix it.

In the future, Chronos recruited and upgraded the Jokerz and took over Gotham. He disregarded the idea of not stealing certain key artifacts and began to place them all over Gotham like the Great Pyramid, the Roman Colisieum or the Titanic. The time stream began to unravel exponentially, Batman was able to briefly look at Clinton's belt and developed a counter-program to restore equilibrium to time. In a last ditch effort, Chronos attempted to go to the beginning of time, where he could reset time and effectively make himself a god but Green Lantern John Stewart and Batman managed to stop him and restore a balance. Batman added one more effect, trapping Chronos and his wife Enid in a time loop.