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Real Identity: Troy
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (SS): Linked
Powers/Skills: Tendril Generation
Voiced By: Bumper Robinson

Troy was a gangmember present at Dakota City's Big Bang. While escaping from the police, he climbed a chainlink fence. He and Dule Jones developed the power to generate metallic tentacles from their spine. Since Troy was exposed to more of the Quantum Vapor, he was unable to retract the tentacles and appear normal, like Jones. Troy took the name Chainlink and committed various petty crimes around Dakota. Most of the stolen money went to pay rent for his room at the Chelsea Arms. When he learned of Jones' draft and success, Chainlink was consumed with jealousy and believed he was the one who deserved fame and fortune. He confronted Jones and threatened to tell the world the truth. Jones obliged to his demands and set up a meeting at the old Aerocal plant at 85th and Fairfield. He tried to kill Chainlink by pushing him into a vat of acid but the villain escaped.

During the all-star charity football game, Jones revealed his powers before Chainlink could act. The two fought each other and Chainlink was rendered unconscious when the scoreboard fell on him. Chainlink most likely lost his powers from exposure to Dr. Todd's cure.