Carmen Dillo

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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): Meta-Breed and Meta-Men
Appearances (SS): Grounded, Sons of the Fathers, Bad Stretch, Jimmy, A League of Their Own Part One, Where Rubber Meets the Road, and Kidnapped
Powers/Skills: Armadillo Mimicry
Voiced By: Matt Ballard

A gangmember present at Dakota City's Big Bang was transformed and took on the abilities and appearance of an armadillo. Calling himself Carmen Dillo, he mainly committed petty crime alone and frequented the Ferris Row area. A short time later, he became a wanted man by the Dakota City Police Department. Static attempted to capture him and the fight shifted to a construction site where Carmen Dillo hid in plain sight as a wrecking ball. A Meta-Microbe surfaced and attempted to digest the villain but was saved by Static. He remained in the area and teamed up with another Bang Baby named Chompers. They encountered Richie Foley and attempted to rob him near Ed's Construction. Foley got the upper hand and escaped.

Dillo was later recruited to Ebon's Meta-Breed. When the group robbed Dakota Electronics, Static defeated them and they were arrested by the Metahuman Capture Division. Imprisoned in Wing A, Carmen Dillo wore a special jacket that prevented him from using his trademark abilities. The Breed were then freed by Ebon, who posed as Rubberband Man. In the following battle with Static and Rubberband Man, Carmen Dillo hid after Static launched a Nova Burst. He reappeared on his own again and fought Static. He easily trapped Carmen Dillo in ladders and left him for the police. Some time after this battle, he was recruited by Puff to join her Meta-Men gang. They faced off against Static and Gear, only to be attacked by the Justice League. Hawkgirl easily dispatched Carmen Dillo with her mace.

Afterwards, Dillo remained on his own again. While patroning an infamous pool hall, he taunted Tarmack for stealing a reactor that was worth more returned than stolen. Tarmack replied by stuffing Dillo into the ceiling fan. Static later interrogated him while he was in search of Puff and Onyx, who kidnapped his father Robert Hawkins. Carmen Dillo most likely lost his powers and was returned to normal after Dr. Todd spread his cure across Dakota City.