Calendar Girl

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Real Identity: Page Monroe
Appearances (BTAS): Mean Seasons
Skills: Weapons and Strategy
Voiced By: Sela Ward

Page Monroe was once a top super model in her prime. Monroe often worked for the fashion mogul Donna Day and Barkley James of Gotham Motors. However, when she turned 30, Monroe was dropped in place of younger models on April 3rd, August 7th, and October 27th in succession.

During 10 years of attempts to jump start her career and plastic surgery, Monroe starred on failed sitcoms under Gotham World Broadcasting. She became reclusive and was fractured mentally. Based in her defunct nightclub "Faces" in the redevelopment district, Monroe plotted revenge. Dubbed the Calendar Girl, Monroe kidnapped her former employers using elaborate seasonal motifs. Batman and Batgirl tracked down Monroe's former agent Irv Kleinman and learned her location. Monroe was prevented from killing her victims and let loose a robot dinosaur on Batman and Batgirl but was ultimately stopped.