Captain Boomerang

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Real Identity: George Harkness
Affiliation(s): Task Force X
Appearances (JL/JLU): Eclipsed Part One (Actor), Task Force X and Flash and Substance
Skills: Boomerangs and Inventions
Voiced By: Donal Gibson

George Harkness is an Australian living in America. Using his talent for boomerangs, he became a costumed criminal called Captain Boomerang. Since then Harkness created many types of boomerangs each with a certain gimmick and became an enemy of The Flash. Other enemies of Flash noted Boomerang was incredibly frugal and was always pleading poverty. When the Flash was acting on several television commercials, one of the villains portrayed by an actor was Captain Boomerang among Heatwave and Mirror Master.

Recently, the real Captain Boomerang served on the Task Force X. Captain Boomerang entered the Task Force shortly after successfully stealing a fleet of armored cars but was defeated by the Flash. He went along with Flagg to steal the Annhilator from the Justice League Unlimited flagship Watchtower. Boomerang eventually served his five years with Task Force was released with a pardon. He soon returned to Central City and teamed up with fellow super villains, Mirror Master, Captain Cold and Trickster. Alone, Boomerang launched several timed exploding boomerangs at the Flash as he accepted the Key to Central City from the Mayor. It was a diversion and he launced a gigantic boomerang posed to crash the Flash straight into a mountain face. Flash disabled the boomerang and encountered Batman and Orion. The villains attempted to ambush him at the opening of his Flash Museum. Captain Boomerang found a missing boomerang on a display that he'd been looking for all over. Eventually, the rogues were defeated by Flash, Batman, and Orion and arrested.