Ronny Boxer

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Real Identity: Ronny Boxer
Appearances (BB): Ace in the Hole
Skills: Underground Activity and Chemistry
Voiced By: Bill Smitrovich

Ronny Boxer has a dense rap file for illegal sporting events, mainly dog fights. Boxer had several contacts, one in the Gotham Animal Clinic. By the clinic, Boxer was supplied with dogs. He came across a Dane mix and used abusive tactics to train it to fight. During a winter fight in the Gotham Gardens, the police raided and arrested Boxer. The Dane got away and ended up in Crime Alley where it saved Bruce Wayne's life.

Meanwhile, Boxer continued to operate dog fights. He soon automated the fights and took the games offshore on a barge. Boxer also began to experiment with bio-chemicals such as seristone, trithane and zirconite to create a hormone cocktail for his dogs. He went overboard with his first specimen. The bulldog ended up mutating into a gigantic monstrosity. Instead of killing it, he spared the dog and kept it locked away.

Years later, Ace crossed paths with Boxer and gave chase. Wayne never placed a tracer on Ace so Batman fruitlessly searched. Ace was caught by Boxer's contact and returned to him. Batman went undercover and discovered Boxer's hideout and schedule. While watching Batman fight his first experiment, Ace's cage was rattled open enough for him to escape. Ace pursued Boxer and left him hanging on the barge's anchor.