Raymond Bell

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Real Identity: Raymond Bell
Appearances (BTAS): Feat of Clay
Skills: Thug for hire
Voiced By: Scott Valentine

Raymond Bell is a small time criminal based in Gotham City. His trademark feature is a pocket radio tuned into the police bandwidth at all times. In one instance, Bell was hired by the pharmaceutical king, Roland Daggett to kill Luscius Fox before he could reveal hard evidence against Daggett. Batman intervened and Wayne's imposter, Matt Hagen began a falling out with Daggett. Daggett knew Hagen would attempt to steal more of his formula and assigned Bell and Germs to stand guard.

The two took part in Hagen's transformation into Clayface by force feeding Hagen large amounts of formula. Bell's identity was discovered by Batman who then orchestrated a false All Points Bulletin alert to draw him out. Batman intercepted Bell before he could flee Gotham and interrogated him before the police arrived.