Mutro Botha

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Real Identity: Mutro Botha
Affiliation(s): Society of Assassins
Appearances (BB): Final Cut
Skills: Weapons and Explosives
Voiced By: Tim Curry

Mutro Botha was the last of the leaders of the Society of Assassins. Upon hearing another, Karima, was killed in Lisbon, Botha and Devon devised a plan to stop Curare. Curare had previously failed to assassinate Gotham District Attorney Sam Young and the penalty was death. She rejected it and hunted down every member of the Society. Botha planted an explosive in the Gotham Museum of Armaments and had to periodically sent codes via a WP Industries broadband transmitter. He blackmailed Batman to protect him from Curare. However, Botha was taken out by Curare and Batman was forced to race against time to stop the explosive.