Kurt Bowman

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Real Identity: Detective Kurt Bowman
Appearances (STAS): Target and The Late Mr. Kent
Skills: Law Enforcement, Explosives and Espionage
Voiced By: Eddie Barth

Metropolis' Detective Kurt Bowman had a jaded past. Some five years ago, Bowman murdered a woman and set up a small time thief named Ernest Walker, using the woman's necklace. Two years later, Lois Lane wrote an article on police corruption. It cost Bowman his bid for a promotion. Years later on the verge of Walker's execution date, Clark Kent began to investigate Walker's claims of innocence. Kent drudged up a back up disk from a pizza delivery joint and discovered Walker did come in for a pizza at the exact moment of the murder. Bowman grew suspicious and had Kent's apartment bugged and rigged with explosives. Bystanders witnessed Kent's death, forcing him to lay low. Lois Lane discovered Bowman's connection when recovered wiretaps were found to be police models. Superman arrived and stopped Bowman from killing Lane. On the day of his execution, Bowman realized that Clark Kent was Superman.