Ferris Boyle

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Real Identity: Ferris Boyle
Appearances (BTAS): Heart of Ice
Skills: Corporate Management
Voiced By: Mark Hamill

Ferris Boyle is the head of Goth Corp, the People's Company. Despite his public image as an altruistic businessman, Boyle is just another cutthroat. Approximately between the 9th and 10th year of Batman's career, Boyle discovered one of his lead cyrogenic researchers was using company equipment for personal use, Dr. Victor Freis. The illegal use of the equipment put Goth Corp three million dollars in debt. In the confrontation, Freis was drenched in coolant and Goth Corp seized on the insurance. A year later, Boyle was to receive a business award, which caught the attention of Freis. As Mr. Freeze, he attempted to exact revenge on Boyle but was stopped by Batman.