Buzz Bronski

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Real Identity: Buzz Bronski
Appearances (BTAS): Mask of the Phantasm
Skills: Underworld Activity
Voiced By: John P. Ryan

Buzz Bronski was a member of a mob triad in Gotham City. A partner of Salvatore Valestra and Chuckie Sol, Bronski was also involved with the corporations set up by Carl Beaumont and the subsequent embezzlement. After Beaumont's murder, his daughter Andrea became the assassin, Phantasm. Bronski was the second target of the Phantasm and was attacked while visiting the grave of Chuckie Sol. The Phantasm crushed Bronski to death with a statue of an angel. Bronski's men, Dave and Dougan, arrived and shot in vain at Phantasm, whom they mistook for Batman. After reading of the murder in the newspapers, Sal Valestra was prompted to seek out aid from Arthur Reeves and the Joker.