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Real Identity: Harold
Affiliation(s): April Moon Gang
Appearances (BB): April Moon
Powers: Generates metal whips from wrists
Voiced By: Jason Nash

Harold led a small time gang of crooks who dreamed of hitting it big. They decided to manipulate the prosthetics genius, Dr. Corso into giving them free enhancements. Harold scheduled an appointment for a wrist replacement and decided to use his girlfriend, April, to infiltrate Corso's life and use her as a bargaining chip. Harold's wrists were replaced with gauntlets that generates a long metal whip. He renamed himself Bullwhip and led his gang on a bank robbery. It was botched but they gained overconfidence when they defeated Batman. Batman later confronted the gang and used a failsafe password to dismantle them. Bullwhip escaped and unwittingly scheduled another surgery with Corso, who discovered his plans.