Brother's Day

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Real Identity: Brother's Day
Appearances (TZP): Lost and Found and The Hologram Man
Powers/Skills: Terrorism, Infiltration, and Armed Combat

Brother's Day is a terrorist organization founded on the belief that the progress of robotics technology has deviated from safety. They believe synthoids will one day threaten the human race and seek to destroy all traces of them. Members of the organization have infiltrated several key positions throughout and the globe and operate in secret cells. One know unit in the United States was led by Titus Sweete. He used an accountant named Eugene Dolan to set up a charity that acted as a front to purchase weapons. The NSA sent Zeta to take Dolan's place and investigate. Zeta only concluded Dolan was innocent and abandoned the mission. For months, Sweete continued to build up weapons, men, and transportation for a planned attack on the Knossos, the highest level government synthoid lab. The unit was ultimately defeated by Special Agent Bennett and arrested.

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