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Real Identity: Marta Santos
Affiliation(s): Nightbreed
Appearances (SS): Army of Darkness
Powers/Skills: Brick Mimicry and Enhanced Strength
Voiced By: Dawnn Lewis

Marta and Gale are best friends living in Dakota City but both were present at the Big Bang. Marta survived the Big Bang by pressing up against a brick wall and took on its characteristics. They met several others, formed a new family, and lived underground. She took the name Brickhouse, inspired by a Commodores song, "Brick House." When Brickhouse uses her power, her skin mimics the appearance and strength of bricks. She shares the common weakness among the Nightbreed, light. After Ebon infiltrated their group, Brickhouse and Nightingale never fully trusted him. During a wave of late night robberies, Brickhouse tripped an alarm while Nightbreed stole diamonds on Swinton and Cowan Street. However, Brickhouse and Nightingale's suspicions about Ebon proved correct and the group allied with Static and Gear.