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Real Identity: Ray Thompson
Appearances: Legends Part One and Part Two
Powers: Enhanced Mental Powers
Voiced By: Neil Patrick Harris

In a parallel universe, on a similar planet Earth, a group of super heroes named the Justice Guild of America sacrificed their lives during a world war that utilized nuclear weapons. The resulting devastation from the nuclear fallout created a global holocaust. One young survivor, Ray Thompson was transformed into a monstrosity. Ray soon discovered he now possessed enhanced mental powers. With it he created and maintained an elaborate illusion that simulated Seaboard City, America. He also manifested the fallen members of the Justice Guild and pit them against villains of his choosing. All the while he disguised his appearance as a normal boy again and became a Junior member of the Guild and took joy in watching all the action, perhaps to forget about the horrors that occurred. Ray had the other survivors pose as citizens of Seaboard against their will.

For some time, this illusion continued over and over. However, the unexpected arrival of the Justice League minus Batman and Superman led to the unraveling of Ray's illusion. Hawkgirl stumbled upon the original Justice Guild member's graves, Green Lantern discovered the local library was void of any books with actual writing and whenever someone got to close to the truth, a villain or monster would arrive out of nowhere. J'onn managed to expose Ray's true form. Ray Thompson proceeded to kill J'onn, Flash, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl but the Justice Guild decided to sacrifice themselves once more. The strain of maintaining the illusion ultimately led to Ray's undoing and fighting all the members of the Justice Guild at once led to his defeat. The survivors thanked the Justice League and planned on rebuilding their world.