Boss Biggis

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Real Identity: Boss Biggis
Appearances (BTAS): The Forgotten
Skills: Underworld Activity
Voiced By: George Murdock

Boss Biggis is the leader of a chain gang front involved in a secret mining operation outside of Gotham City. His men occupy Gotham's Dock Street Scrap Yard and routinely patrol the notorious Crime Alley for homeless and transients. In essence, people who the police wouldn't bother filling out missing reports for. They are then put to work in a slave system, working in dangerous settings for most of the day. Mutinies are rare because of constant mental depravation. One of the gang's last captures happened to be an amnesic Bruce Wayne in the disguise of Gaff Morgan. After regaining his memory, Wayne was reunited with Alfred and donned his costume. Batman broke up the gang and the rather gluttonous Biggis. In the process, the mine was leveled by the gang's own explosives.