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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): Brain Trust
Appearances (BB): Mindgames
Appearances (TZP): Ro's Gift
Powers: Psychokinetic Explosions
Voiced By: Kate Jackson

A woman codenamed Bombshell acts as one of the leaders of the Brain Trust. Through a type of psychokinesis, Bombshell uses a hand gesture to generate explosions. She and the Invulnerable Man traveled to Gotham City to take Tamara Caulder and make her a new recruit. During a lightning storm, their vehicle was saved by Batman.

Some time later, Bombshell initiated another mission to sabotage a tower to emit high levels of radiation to create metahumans that the Trust would make join them. She first recruited Ro, believing she had the power to communicate with machines. Her plans failed when Zeta went after the thermal device planted on the tower. Two younger members of the Trust, Transita and Amp used their powers to overwhelm Bombshell and the Trust into submission. They were taken into federal custody.