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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): Myrell Youth Disability Center
Appearances (TZP): The Wrong Morph
Powers/Skills: (With Synaptic Amplifier) Enhanced Physical Attributes, Theft, and Fencing
Voiced By: Peter Onorati

Blake is a local criminal with a record of selling stolen goods on the black market and lacks any federal convictions. He recently supplied funds to Dr. Myrell in exchange for a few prototypes. Myrell reluctantly agreed and gave him exact details on how to enter his Disability Center and how to operate the devices. Zeta and Ro Rowan were inside Myrell's office when Blake entered. Arming himself with the Synaptic Amplifier, Blake easily escaped but not before Zeta unmasked him. Blake later decided to destroy Zeta to cover his tracks but Zeta sabotaged the Amplifier. As a result, Blake was overwhelmed and passed out. He was taken to a hospital and later released to police custody.