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Real Identity: Bizarro
Affiliation(s): Legion of Doom
Appearances (STAS): Identity Crisis, Bizarro's World and Little Big Head Man
Appearances (JLU): Ultimatum, I am Legion, To Another Shore, Dead Reckoning, the Great Brain Robbery, Alive! and Destroyer
Powers: Same as Superman
Voiced By: Tim Daly and George Newbern

Soon after Superman's debut, Lex Luthor discovered his weakness to Kryptonite and lured him to a museum death trap. A mechanical dinosaur containing Kryptonite managed to hurt Superman before Lois Lane could discard the sample in a lead artifact. Afterwards, LexCorp technicians gathered some of Superman's blood samples. Far out in the outskirts of Metropolis, Luthor started a secret project to clone himself a subservient copy of Superman.

The cloning process was unperfected and unstable because of the alien DNA. The first clone soon mutated in body and mind but still possessed some fragments of the original Superman's memories and sense of heroism. Bizarro, as dubbed by Mercy Graves, Luthor's assistant, attempted to save lives but the situation always ended up as an escalated disaster. Lois Lane and Superman stumbled upon the secret lab, with other clones being incubated. Luthor began the lab's self-destruct sequence and escaped. Bizarro stayed behind so that Superman and Lane could escape. Superman was unsure if Bizarro survived the half a kiloton explosion.

Bizarro did survive and stumbled upon Superman's Fortress of Solitude. He befriended one of the alien creatures that Superman brought back from his encounter with the Preserver. The Fortress recognized Bizarro as Superman and showed him clips of Krypton's Seventh Age. Bizarro set out to recreate Krypton and its destruction at the Metropolis Cultural Center. Bizarro then stole a weapon from the Fort Sherman Missile Base to reinact the explosion of Krypton. Superman attempted to use Kryptonite on Bizarro. Since Bizarro's DNA was mutated, his cell structure was different and immune. With Superman weakened, Lois Lane and the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit defused the situation. Afterwards, Superman relocated Bizarro and his Krypto to a deserted planet to protect. Bizarro more than obliged to be this planet's hero.

Mr. Mxyzptlk decided to get revenge on Superman by returning Bizarro to Earth. Mxyzptlk manipulated Bizarro into thinking Superman and Lois Lane played him for a fool, not too far from the truth. For torturing members of a lesser dimension, Mxyzptlk faced Zrfff's Tribunal. He was convicted and sentenced to stay in the third dimension without his powers. In order to get them back, he had to perform a good deed in 90 days. Superman agreed to help and left Mxyzptlk on Bizarro's planet to help patrol.

After Brainiac's destruction on Earth, another copy activated and continued its convoluted mission to collect data and destroy worlds across the universe. The Justice League later encountered Brainiac as it invaded Apokolips. J'onn J'onzz and Hawkgirl passed by several data repositories and Bizarro's world was briefly seen, which may account for his return to Earth. Nonetheless, Bizarro teamed up with Giganta to free the Grodd from a maximum security prison. Wonder Woman and the prototype Longshadow prevented them from doing so.

Bizarro later joined the Legion of Doom and was selected to have his attributes augmented. Since Bizarro isn't evil by nature, Luthor and Grodd opted to make him yield completely to their commands. The brain surgery wasn't a total success. Bizarro's backwards logic translated over. When issuing commands, Luthor often had to say them in an opposite sense to get the desired result. A memento from the surgery is a scar on his forehead.