Big Time

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Real Identity: Charlie "Big Time" Bigelow
Appearances (BB): Big Time and Betrayal
Powers: Super Strength
Voiced By: Stephen Baldwin/Clancy Brown

Charlie Bigelow was a small time hood trying to break into organized crime. He also happened to be a childhood friend of Terry McGinnis. At age 18, Bigelow dragged a 14 year old McGinnis into a heist. It was botched and they were arrested. While McGinnis served in juvenile hall for 90 days, Bigelow was sentenced to three years in prison. While in prison, he shared a cell with Armacost, an AgriChem executive. He saw this as his chance to break into the "big time." Bigelow protected Armacost from other prisoners.

Off an on, Bigelow and McGinnis would exchange emails. Bigelow learned that McGinnis was now working as an assistant for Bruce Wayne. AgriChem was attempting to steal the seristone formula from Wayne-Powers and Armacost decided to use Bigelow's connection. After getting an entry level job within Wayne-Powers, Bigelow would use a device to copy the handprint of one of the security guards. With the copy, a polymold glove would formed. Bigelow then could open the East Loading Bay from the inside and give Armacost's contract partner, Karros, access to the Bio-Chem Research Lab.

However, McGinnis realized he was used and planted a tracer on Bigelow's briefcase. Batman interfered in the seristone heist. Karros took out his frustration on Bigelow and threatened to kill him unless Karros received 40,000 Credits. In the getaway, Bigelow was doused with the seristone, an experimental growth hormone used for farming. He suffered convulsions and tried to get McGinnis to steal for him. When McGinnis refused, Bigelow fled and later mutated into a bizarre monstrosity. He set out to get revenge on Armacost and Karros. Batman was already on sight recording incriminating evidence and managed to defeat Big Time.

The 10'6" behemoth soon broke out of jail and went by his nick name, Big Time. Big Time came up with a plan to consolidate power and take over local Gotham gangs. He partnered with a crucial figure in organized crime, the Major. The crux of the plan was manipulating Terry McGinnis, once again. He fell for it and had Commissioner Gordon organize a raid on the Major. In the meantime, Big Time would play up the fact that he got away and would assume control and kill McGinnis. Wayne arrived in time and distracted Big Time long enough for McGinnis to slip away and change into Batman. Big Time fell off the Gotham Bridge and was not seen again.