Baby Doll

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Real Identity: Mary Dahl
Appearances (BTAS): Baby Doll and Love Is a Croc
Skills: Strategist and Weapons Expert
Voiced By: Alison LaPlaca/Laraine Newman

Mary Dahl is a bitter former sitcom star. Dahl suffers from a rare disease called systemic hypoplasia which stunted her physical growth at age five. She went on to star in the hit TV sitcom, Love that Baby at age 20. As Baby Doll, Dahl was the family's daughter who often got into comedic accidents. In the last season, Dahl continously complained she was not getting enough exposure and abruptly quit. She studied to become a dramatic actress. Her first act, a rendition of MacBeth was a flop. When she attempted to revive Love that Baby the networks turned her down. For 10 years she lived as a recluse.

Leading up to her 30th birthday, Dahl began kidnapping the former cast members in a convoluted attempt to restore her 'family.' Batman and Robin intervened. Robin switched places the last cast left, Spunky Spencer and carried a homing transmitter. Dahl served her time and became a motel manager. While watching a news segment on Killer Croc's latest court appearance, Dahl became attracted to Croc. She believed both of them were kindred spirits, misunderstood and shunned by society. While being transferred from Arkham Asylum to State Prison, Croc was freed by Baby Doll. Doll staged numerous thefts near water to play up the strategic advantage to Croc. Meanwhile, Croc planned to leave Gotham City with all the stolen gains and without Doll. Baby Doll found out and planned one last heist at Mid-River Island. She secretly desired to sabotage the Island's nuclear power plant and level Gotham City and its inhabitants, including herself and Croc. Batman and Batgirl halted the countdown and subdued Croc before he could kill Baby Doll.