Royce Axelrod

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Real Identity: Royce Axelrod
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (SS): Pop's Girlfriend
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength
Voiced By: Bumper Robinson

Royce Axelrod is a juvenile delinquent and student at Dakota Union High School. Axelrod's peers predicted he was likely to become a criminal after high school but was caught for shoplifting. Despite being under heavy scrutiny by his mother, Axelrod still committed crimes. Along with his friend, Frankie D'Amico, he stole a suitcase containing concentrated Quantum Vapor thinking he could sell it. The duo stored the suitcase in one of their lockers and used a science laboratory to study it. After realizing it was Quantum Vapor, the same thing that turned F-Stop into a pyrokinetic, Axelrod inhaled some fumes. They also mistakenly dropped a few in the trash but never noticed which would later mutate a cockroach and spider into giants.

The next day, Axelrod was noticeably bigger and stronger. However, he began to violently mutate into a monstrosity and rampaged through campus. Officer Jessup attempted to neutralize him with mace but Static trapped him in a statue until the Metahuman Capture Division arrived to arrest him. He was most likely subjected to Dr. Todd's cure when he exposed Dakota City to it.