Richard Armacost

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Real Identity: Richard Armacost
Appearances (BB): Big Time
Skills: Business
Voiced By: Robert Patrick

Richard Armacost is a top level executive for the company, AgriChem. Armacost went to jail for insider trading and shared a cell with Charlie "Big Time" Bigelow. Bigelow's childhood friend, Terry McGinnis, shared an email every once in awhile and revealed he worked for Bruce Wayne. AgriChem was after the formula for Wayne-Powers' seristone hormone for years. Bigelow protected Armacost in prison in exchange for landing him work when they were released. Armacost decided to use Bigelow to gain access to Wayne-Powers' Bio-Chem Research Lab where a contract thief, Karros, would execute the theft. Batman intervened and used a tape recording to have Armacost arrested.