Atomic Skull

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Real Identity: Joe Martin
Affiliation(s): Metabrawl and Legion of Doom
Appearances: The Cat and the Canary, I am Legion, To Another Shore, Dead Reckoning, the Great Brain Robbery, Alive! and Destroyer
Powers: Super strength, super speed, heightened endurance
Voiced By: Raphael Sbarge(?)/ Lex Lang

Joe Martin, a normal film student at the University of Metropolis had a dormant metagene activated when an alien bomb exploded. Though given super strength, super speed and heightened endurance, Martin was radioactive and his skin became transparent making it seem like he had a flaming skull for a head. Martin suffered delusions of grandeur and began to believe that he was the Atomic Skull, an old movie hero and that Superman was his arch enemy and Lois Lane, his romantic interest. Atomic Skull can also fire radiation blasts and rides a motorcycle he calls the Skull Bike.