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Real Identity: Ares
Appearances: Hawk and Dove
Powers: Teleportation, transformation and other undocumented near-omnipotent power
Voiced By: Michael York

The Greek god of war, Ares' thirst for bloodshed and the fitting annihilation of the human race puts him at odds with the other gods of Mount Olympus.

In his own realm, Areopagus, Ares often contemplates his next bid to incite a world war. In one instance, Ares attempted to take advantage of the political strife in Kasnia by using an invention called the Annihilator which fed off of human rage, created by the smithy, Hesphaestus.

Though an immortal with indestructible armor and a mastery of sword fighting, Ares prefers to focus himself in military strategy, often as master manipulator pulling people's strings with flattery and lies. The intervention of Wonder Woman fueled Ares' long standing hatred for Hippolyta and the Amazons.