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Real Identity: Maria Molina
Affiliation(s): Sociedad de la Cruz and Meta-Breed
Appearances (SS): Bad Stretch and Wet and Wild
Powers/Skills: Hydrokinesis
Voiced By: Erika Velez and Yeni Alvarez

Maria lived in a single parent household with her mother and younger sister but was part of the Sociedad de la Cruz, "Society of the Cross," gang in Dakota City. She was present at the Gate 10 docks gang war and survived the Big Bang by jumping into the nearby James River. However, she developed the appearance of water, the power of aquakinesis, and can exhibit all of its properties. Unable to live a normal life, she took the name Aquamaria and resorted to crime. Eventually, her powers and vulnerability led her to be easily recruited by Ebon to join his Meta-Breed group. In order to earn membership, Aquamaria needed to prove her worth. A robbery at the Dakota Downs race track was staged and supervised by Talon and Shiv. She managed to short out Static's powers but Rubberband Man intervened and suffocated her into submission.

By Ebon's rule, Aquamaria was abandoned when the police arrived. She was arrested by the Metahuman Capture Division and placed in a special containment cylinder. She was soon joined by the rest of the Meta-Breed in Metahuman Wing A. They were all freed by Ebon, posing as Rubberband Man. In the confrontation between the Meta-Breed, Rubberband Man, and Static, Aquamaria attempted to neutralize Static again. However, he used electrolysis to render her unconscious. A year later, Aquamaria was romantically linked to HotStreak. Together, they robbed Spire Records during the release of Candide's new album. Gear incapacitated her with a Zap Cap armed with liquid nitrogen. Gear and Static soon learned a Dr. Todd needed a test subject for his cure to Quantum Vapor. They convinced Aquamaria to volunteer with the promise of reuniting her with her family. During the procedure, HotStreak hit a power conduit and a spike in the injection system controls affected her molecular stability.

Unaware of HotStreak's sabotage, she was infuriated and now unable to solidify. They kidnapped Todd's team and equipment in order to force them to cure her. Based in the old cable car depot, Aquamaria discovered the truth and went about getting revenge, flooding Dakota City. The more water she absorbed, the stronger her powers become. From the depot, Aquamaria proceeded east to Lake Dakota. With it, she could flood Dakota, then the state of Michigan, and perhaps, the world. Static and Gear hacked into the Dakota Water & Power Station to close all sewer lines then hit her with a modified version of the cure. She was transformed back into a normal human being. After a final dose from Dr. Todd's team, Aquamaria was back to Maria, permanently.