April Moon Gang

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Real Identity: April and Harold
Appearances (BB): April Moon
Powers: Prosthetic Upgrades

A small band of no name crooks focused their sights on a talented prosthetics physician, Dr. Corso. Their leader, Harold scheduled an appointment for a wrist replacement, mixing flesh with metal. A week later, Harold planted his girlfriend, April, in Corso's clinic. She posed as his new assistant and tried to gain his trust. After Corso became romantically attached to April, a fake kidnapping took place. In return for physical augmentation of his gang, April would be returned. The technology ran on special servo motors, similar in design to the Batsuit, and was Corso's own design. He secretly embedded a failsafe device in each. It was a cutoff circuit, when voice activated by a password, that rendered the implants useless.

The gang wasted little time and began robbing banks with their new powers. Batman botched the robbery but found himself outnumbered and overpowered. Soon after, Dr. Corso discovered that April was part of the gang. Batman realized the failsafe was "April Moon," from a story Corso told him, and immobilized Terrapin, Knux and Kneejerk. April and Harold escaped. Harold was last seen under the 'care' of Dr. Corso for another surgery.

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