Agent West

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Real Identity: Agent West
Affiliation(s): National Security Agency
Appearances (TZP): The Accomplice, His Maker's Name, Change of Heart, Westbound, Hicksburg, Taffy Time, Ro's Reunion, Absolute Zero, Wired Part One, Part Two, Hunt in the Hub, On the Wire, Cabin Pressure, and The River Rising
Appearances (BB): Countdown
Skills: Intelligence and Government Training
Voiced By: Michael Rosenbaum

Agent West is another member of Special Agent Bennett's team assigned to recapture Zeta. West is more loyal to Bennett than Lee but appears to be endorsed by someone close to the agency otherwise Bennett would terminate him. Secretly, West dreams of being promoted to Regional Director then Vice President. He often pursues this by showboating and trying to accomplish missions alone, without teamwork. To add to that, West is clumsy and not well versed in standard NSA or law enforcement procedure. In one instance, West boarded a Perryville Hover Rail to find Zeta and Ro. Oblivious of a damaged hover cell, West continued to try to apprehend them until he was knocked unconscious.

After Agent Lee left the Zeta task force, Agent Rush was pushed to be West's partner. Despite her reluctance, West quickly accepted her as a replacement and even tried to boast his superiority on occassion. Months later, West passed a multi-personnel drive test and could now drive the task force's main hovercraft.