Agent Rush

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Real Identity: Agent Rush
Affiliation(s): National Security Agency
Appearances (TZP): Westbound, Ro's Reunion, Absolute Zero, Wired Part One, Part Two, Hunt in the Hub, On the Wire, Cabin Pressure, The River Rising, and The Hologram Man
Skills: Intelligence and Government Training
Voiced By: Erika Alexander and Dominique Jennings

Agent Rush is a member of James Bennett's task force, a team dedicated to apprehending the rogue Infiltration Unit named Zeta. She mostly worked in communications and monitored headlines in print and id news that warranted a link to Zeta. Rush's accomplishments were valued and she began to do more field work, eventually replacing Lee as Agent West's partner, following Lee's resignation. Like most, she is aware of West's reputation as a hotshot oaf and is a reluctant partner.