Agent Lee

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Real Identity: Agent Lee
Affiliation(s): National Security Agency
Appearances (TZP): The Accomplice, His Maker's Name, Change of Heart, Westbound, Hicksburg, Taffy Time, Absolute Zero, and Resume Mission
Appearances (BB): Countdown
Skills: Intelligence and Government Training
Voiced By: Lauren Tom

Agent Lee is a member of Special Agent Bennett's task force dedicated to recapturing the renegade synthoid, Zeta. Lee was the lone voice in Bennett's team who questioned if Zeta's claim of innocence was true. Months into the investigation, Agents Lee and West personally looked into a headline about a local hero who disarmed a gang in a shoot out. Lee's hunch paid off and they chased Zeta and Ro. However, their crafts were shot down by the bounty hunter, Krick. Lee followed them to the Cody Koala Candy Factory where she was taken into custody by Krick. Krick then threatened to kill her unless Zeta turned itself in. Everyone was well aware that Krick was going to kill Lee, anyway. She and Zeta defeated Krick. After arresting Krick, she allowed Zeta to escape.

Some time later, when Bennett disobeyed Colonel Lemak following a break-in at Applied Rsearch and Development, Agent Lee alerted Lemak. Lee then resigned from Bennett's team and was completely convinced he was blinded by his mindless pursuit of Zeta. It appears that she was then assigned her own team to command. Following IU-7's second reactivation, Lee and her team tracked it to the Diamond Springs Body Shop. Zeta and Ro were still present but Lee allowed them to escape again. In return, Zeta gave her IU-7's memory chip.