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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Justice League vs. Teen Titans and Teen Titans: The Judas Contract
Powers/Skills: Armor and Utility Generation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Scarab is an alien object of unknown origin and purpose that fused to teenager Jaime Reyes' spine and generated an advanced suit of armor capable of forming essentially anything Reyes commands. He took on the code name Blue Beetle. Reyes doesn't control the Scarab fully and maintains something of a partnership with it, often speaking in private conversations with each other. He joined the Teen Titans to learn how to use it effectively. During a training session, the Scarab pulsated after Raven insulted Beast Boy. Blue Beetle informed them Scarab was laughing. Beast Boy told Scarab to butt out and poked it. The Scarab lashed out at Beast Boy with tentacles. Blue Beetle reminded Beast Boy he warned him not to annoy it. The next day, Robin picked a fight with Beetle. Blue Beetle was unable to hold Scarab back and it angrily blasted Robin point blank with a chest cannon. Raven was able to heal him. During a night of mandatory fun at a carnival, Beast Boy discovered Reyes and the Scarab were unable to keep up with him in dance off video game.

One year later, Reyes still had difficulty with the Scarab. As Terra transported the Teen Titans up a narrow corridor to a H.I.V.E. base, the Scarab became nervous. After pebbles dropped on it, it instinctively slashed around. Robin drew his sword and threatened Beetle to control it or he would. In the battle against H.I.V.E. soldiers, the Scarab continued to cause issues. It fired blasts at the soldiers, Terra, and Robin. The next day, Reyes had a video chat with his sister and parents. Reyes' father noticed the Scarab still didn't like him after two years and wondered why Superman or another superhero couldn't pry it off. In an effort to make the Scarab more comfortable around humans, Reyes volunteered at a local Gabrielle's Horn. During a training session, Blue Beetle lost control of Scarab again after Raven enveloped him in her soul self attack. It fired a powerful blast through the soul self and hit Raven. Reyes became attracted to Traci, the head volunteer at Gabrielle's Horn, but the Scarab misinterpreted the spike in his pulse and tried to take defensive measures.

Deathstroke attached several car batteries to a chair in the kitchen of Gabrielle's Horn and ambushed Reyes. The electric shock was enough to neutralize both Reyes and the Scarab. Like the other Titans, Beetle was powerless when he was bound to Brother Blood's Enervator. Blood was able to replicate the Scarab's abilities like the arm cannon.