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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Comics): Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay Chapter Three, Chapter Four, and Chapter Five
Powers/Skills: Transportation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Recovery is a former naval hospital ship purchased by Scandal Savage. After failing to attain the Get Out of Hell Free Card, she bought the ship and dedicated its staff and crew to treat her lover, Knockout. She parked it in the ocean six miles off an unnamed coast. Unaware Vandal Savage died trying to get the Card, she plotted her revenge while Vandal Savage's former captains sought to kill her and take over his underground global empire. Amanda Waller gave her Suicide Squad a mission to save Scandal Savage, Knockout, and any medical crew or staff. Chimera was charged with sinking as much of the assassins' boats as possible before they landed, but he attempted to escape. He soon learned Waller planted many microbombs all over his body instead of just one in his brain. The rest of the Squad landed on Recovery and started killing the assassins. It was assumed Scandal Savage would be on the top level but she lay in wait down below and killed an assassin. To her surprise, Waller saved her from another behind her.

The Suicide Squad started to make progress with Dr. Polaris and Ms. Clay nearing the patient rooms. However, Polaris went inside and found the ship's supply of drugs then relapsed. Savage's zealots turned the tide by sending Giganta after the Squad. Harley tried to hail Waller for more help. She realized Polaris was drugged up and called the pilot for a pick-up but watched as Giganta grabbed the tail of the helicopter. Harley, Clay, and Boomerang were pinned down on the starboard. Waller ordered Chimera to help Bane return to Recovery immediately and to deal with Giganta. Waller then told Clay to pretend to be Scandal Savage and distract the zealots while Harley and Boomerang climbed down the grapple lines to an enemy vessel and salvage guns and ammo. A shark arrived and ferried Bane back to Recovery. Coyote climbed back up and picked a fight with Chimera over the sharks in the area. After admitting to eating them, Coyote himself was eaten by Chimera. Scandal Savage finished off zealots on the rear of the ship and returned to Waller.

Waller opened fire on Giganta to get her attention then she was grabbed by a giant squid summoned by Chimera. She ordered only to be knocked out, not killed. Polaris reappeared sick to his stomach from mixing prescriptions. Bane, Boomerang, and Harley opened fire on the remaining zealots then on Waller's call, Chimera ordered the squid to release Giganta. Giganta fell on all but one of the zealots in the shoot out. Harley slugged the last one with her bat. Savage went to check on Knockout, who regained consciousness. She accepted Waller's offer for a safer facility. A zealot recognized Waller as the anonymous call who tipped them off to the location of Recovery. She shot him dead. Waller realized what happened to Coyote and mused the team was too big anyway. She warned them the next mission would make this one look like a cakewalk.