Lexcorp Warsuit

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Justice League vs. Teen Titans and The Death of Superman
Appearances (Comics): The Death of Superman Chapter Twelve The Wake: Show Me!
Powers/Skills: Augmented Strength and Rocket Propulsion
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Lexcorp Warsuit is an oversized battle armor worn by Lex Luthor to effectively engage Superman in physical combat built under the guise of Lexcorp military contracts. The suits offer impenetrable armor, hydraulically assisted strength, portable cannons, and missiles. After finishing a new model he personally designed, Luthor tested the War Suit during a staged collapse of the West River Bridge he engineered over several months through Lex Construction. As Superman held up the bridge, he was exposed to Kryptonite dust left by the construction crew. Luthor flew in, took his place, and grandstanded him as he fell into the river. Superman regained his powers and used x-ray vision to glean the truth. He accused Luthor of his role in the disaster. Luthor told him to prove it. Superman blasted the Warsuit's chest plate and melted the metal mesh into slag. The embedded Kryptonite crystal fell out into the river.

Luthor led the Legion of Doom in an attack on the Justice League when they unveiled their new headquarters in Metropolis. Luthor wore a larger model Warsuit. As Luthor and Superman traded blows, crashing into various areas of the Hall of Justice, Luthor mockingly claimed he was an innocent industrialist caught in the middle. Superman quickly sliced up the warsuit with controlled heat vision blasts then ripped the arms of the suit off. It powered down and fell to pieces. Luthor vowed he would pay for this latest setback. Superman mused he had the warsuit insured.