Lazarus Pit

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Son of Batman and Batman vs Robin
Powers/Skills: Healing
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Lazarus Pit are pools that collect in locations across Earth. Routinely bathing in a pit will extend life and heal a person of most wounds. However, using the pit takes a mental toll on a user - often driving them insane. Ra's al Ghul secured several Lazarus Pits and stayed alive for centuries. At some point, Batman recorded footage of Ra's rising from a Lazarus Pit.

Deathstroke, a former protege, staged a coup and Ra's was so badly damaged from missile fire that the pit could not restore him. Deathstroke took over an oil rig in the Outer Hebrides and had it converted to pump up chemicals from a Lazarus Pit located in an undersea cavern. He planned to sell life everlasting to the highest bidder. Batman, Robin, Nightwing, and Dr. Langstrom intervened. Taking a bullet for her son, Talia was placed into the Lazarus Pit by Batman and healed. However, the rig was destabilized and it collapsed - cutting off access to that pit. Deathstroke's body was recovered and he was placed in a Lazarus Pit just in time. He became addicted to it and bathed in it frequently.

Somehow, the Court of Owls gathered from a Lazarus Pit and experimented on a process to resurrect their Talons. They were not fully restored and existed in a zombie-like state but could access all of their skill set. At first, they only lasted a few hours out of their caskets and disintegrated into a black pool. After analyzing the remains and refining the process, the Talons could last three hours then over eight and eventally a full day before having to return to base. The Talons were also vulnerable to subzero cold.