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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Movies): Justice League vs. Teen Titans
Appearances (Comics): The Death of Superman Chapter One Power, Chapter Ten The Wake: Flashback, and Chapter Twelve The Wake: Show Me!
Powers/Skills: Radiation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Kryptonite are the irradiated remains of the planet Krypton and one of Superman's few weaknesses. Lex Luthor had Lex Construction crews dust the West River Bridge with Kryptonite and speed along cracks forming in it. A few months later, the bridge began to sag. As Luthor anticipated, Superman tried to hold up the bridge. The dust weakened him and he fell into the river. Luthor arrived in his latest Lexcorp War Suit and grandstanded him. Several men pulled Superman out of the river. He noticed trace amounts of dust on his hands then used x-ray vision to scan the bridge and Luthor. He accused Luthor and was then told to prove his claim. Superman blasted the suit's chest plate with heat vision. Once the metal mesh melted into slag, a Kryptonite crystal fell out into the river. Superman later retrieved it with a lead-lined box. A few days later, he gave the box to Batman and asked him to use it if he ever went over the line and had to be stopped.

When Batman realized Superman was possessed by one of Trigon's Corruptor demons, he attempted to poison Superman with a dose of Kryptonite to force it out. The shard was ineffectual and Superman flew away. Robin later devised a plan to exorcise Superman. Blue Beetle, Cyborg, and Starfire lured Superman to them with a blitz. At the last minute, they scattered and Robin launched from Beast Boy, as a vulture. He stabbed Superman in the ribs with the Kryptonite. As they dropped, the Corruptor left Superman's body. Back to normal, Superman asked Robin to remove the Kryptonite. He placed it in one of his utility belt pouches. Superman commended Robin and Starfire for making the call. In the creation of Metallo, Lex Luthor and General Lane gave him a Kryptonite heart as his power source. Metallo could then fire concussive blasts of Kryptonite as well.