Keshanti Key

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Justice League Dark
Powers/Skills: Dimensional Manipulation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Keshanti Key is a magical artifact the size of a large coin. It functions as a short cut and allows its user to access different planes of existence instantly rather than perform 20 odd hours of incantations. In the present, it came into the possession of Ritchie Simpson. After Constantine agreed to look into a growing global supernatural epidemic, he sought out Simpson to borrow the key. Simpson mistook the visit as an apology for getting him afflicted with a magic-based cancer. Simpson punched Constantine and refused to help. Batman convinced him to reconsider because innocent lives were at stake. Simpson took out the Keshanti Key from a small chest and lent it. They went to Metropolis Health Center where one of the epidemic's victims was being kept in the psych ward, a man named Steve. Constantine placed the key on Steve's forehead. It formed a portal into Steve's mind. Constantine and Zatanna entered the mental plane and searched Steve's memories to see how his madness started. They were able to escape with part of a memory before a Golem dissolved Steve's body.