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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Teen Titans: The Judas Contract
Powers/Skills: Ability Nullification, Ability Replication, and Ability Bestowal
Voiced By: Not Applicable

For nine centuries, Brother Blood was given immortality from bathing in the blood of his enemies. He believed he was meant to survive into the modern age when technology could serve his greatness and help him attain glory by claiming the powers of so-called heroes in the name of his Church of Blood then become the one true God. Blood contracted Deathstroke to study and, when the time came, bring him the Teen Titans. After a year, Deathstroke gathered the information he needed to defeat the Titans. Blood also used one of his holding companies to fund a molecular biologist that used to work for H.I.V.E. to design a machine. He used the intelligence gathered on the Titans from genetic make-ups, theories on Raven's power, Beast Boy's, and Blue Beetle's suit. During a third raid by the Titans, Mother Mayhem ordered another base to be abandoned. She and the scientist left in a transport loaded with valuable equipment. Nightwing performed a data transfer and added to what he gained from previous raids.

A few of Blood's followers in the Church of Blood were used as test subjects for the Enervator's technology. The energy of four subjects were drained then transferred to Jericho, standing in a device in the center. Jericho's eyes glowed read and he felt no pain from a crowbar swung into him by an acolyte. Jericho took the crowbar and bent it with his bare hands. Brother Blood congratulated Mother Mayhem and ordered her to advance preparations. She blessed Jericho then shot him in the head. The acolyte picked up Jericho's body. Blood met with Deathstroke and told him to move the timetable up a week for double the price of his contract. Deathstroke agreed to the terms. The Titans closed in one the molecular biologist's personal lab just as he finished a schematic of the Enervator and emailed it then proceeded to delete all his files. The Enervator's parts were assembled and it was built in the Church of Blood.

Deathstroke and Terra captured Robin, Blue Beetle, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven. They were bound to different parts of the Enervator and kept in a weakened state by the technology. Blood noticed Nightwing was missing and wanted a replacement to conclude the contract. Deathstroke surrendered Terra to her surprise and she was placed in the machine. Blood, Deathstroke, and the Enervator rose up to the main stage and he addressed his followers. The Enervator was activated. The Titans felt pain as their powers were copied then Blood placed his hands on arms that retracted from the machine. He was transformed and now resembled a part of each of the Titans amalgamated into one being with all their powers. Nightwing made his move and threw an exploding Birdarangs at the Enervator's console and at Blood. He was blown away and the Titans were released. Raven used her soul self to drain away the effects of the Enervator and reduced Blood to an emaciated old man.