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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Justice League Dark
Powers/Skills: Power Conduit and Psychological Manipulation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Dreamstone is considered the single most powerful conduit of evil in the history of Earth. Any person within the range of the Dreamstone's power will perpetually see a nightmare vision usually represented by everyone around them being replaced by demons and monsters. They act out in a violent manner. In medieval times, a man of science went insane and renamed himself Destiny. He forged the Dreamstone with black magic and his soul then used it to subject people to their most terrifying nightmares. Destiny fed off their torment. Seven Knights of Camelot and Merlin confronted Destiny as he lay waste to a village. The knights fell to the Dreamstone but one knight, Jason Blood, persisted. Merlin summoned Etrigan to stop Destiny in exchange for freedom. As the battle went on, Etrigan thrust his blade into the Dreamstone and chipped a piece off. The Dreamstone fell from Destiny's staff and Merlin finished him off with white magic. Destiny vowed it wasn't over and faded away.

Merlin sensed the future warned of a shared destiny then merged Blood and Etrigan. Destiny plotted revenge for the next 500 years. At some point, the Demons Three took the larger part of the Dreamstone into their collection. Ritchie Simpson became affilicted with a magical version of terminal cancer during a case with John Constantine. Simpson searched all around the world for a cure. He discovered the small shard of the Dreamstone and thought he found his cure. Simpson believed the shard was sentient when in fact it was a remnant of Destiny's soul. He promised Simpson power and immortality then told him how to get the Demons Three to bring the rest of the Dreamstone to Earth. Simpson's plan to recover the larger piece of the Dreamstone from the Demons Three was thwarted when Constantine and Jason Blood happened to challenge them poker at the Lucky Devil Casino in Las Vegas. Abnegazar tried to finish off them both and went all in but only Blood folded and quit.

Constantine raised him with the House of Mystery and its contents. The Demons Three agreed to call and conjured their collection. In the chest were Algid's Ice Spiker, a working Dream Catcher, the Ghaurrazzi, and the Dreamstone shard. Constantine was skeptical of the total value but accepted the wager. Both naturally tried to cheat and a fight broke out. Constantine forced Blood to summon Etrigan and dispatch the Demons. He confiscated their collection, including the Dreamstone, and sent it into the House of Mystery. Like all confiscated artifacts, the Dreamstone was kept out of phase by the House to prevent theft. Destiny began to use Simpson as a third party to gather power. The Dreamstone's spell was initially weaker to avoid detection but cast a wider net around the world so it couldn't be tracked back to him until it was too late. As a result, not everyone was infected with insanity and power transfer was indirect and poor.

Five days later, the Justice League noticed the same pattern of normal law-abiding citizens citing they saw nightmare visions then committed violent crimes. Wonder Woman stopped a woman in Washington D.C. after she rammed several people with her car, Superman stopped a man named Steve in Metropolis from killing his family but discovered he killed several of his neighbors and stored them in his shed, and Batman saved an infant but was unable to stop its mother from jumping off a church to her death. Wonder Woman suspected a paranormal element to the crimes but Batman dismissed it. Rama Kushna instructed Deadman to gather Constantine, Zatanna, Batman, and the Justice League to save the world and the afterlife. Ritchie Simpson framed Felix Faust by using his piece of the Dreamstone, unaware it was actually Destiny leading him one and taking control of Faust's body. He conjured a demonic tornado and attacked Batman, Deadman, and Zatanna on their way to the House of Mystery.

They escaped the tornado and entered the House. After giving Constantine the Keshanti Key, Simpson used his Dreamstone once again. Destiny took control of Faust and conjured a Golem from a restroom in the Metropolis Health Center. The Golem attempted to kill Steve while Constantine and Zatanna were in his mind trying to find out how he was infected. They emerged with a shard of a memory featuring a ring worn by the perpetrator when in fact it was a ruse planted by Simpson. Knowing they would seek his knowledge on the arcane and supernatural to identify the ring, Simpson staged an accident so that he would be taken to the House. He came a bit too close to death than he planned and was nearly taken to Hell by the Shrouds. Blood arrived to ask Simpson if he how to gain access to the House of Mystery so he could procure the Dreamstone. Constantine, Batman, and the others intervened. Just as he planned, Simpson was taken to the House to recover. Blood explained why he was at Simpson's house and how his origins were tied in part to the Dreamstone.

Constantine refused to let the stone leave the House. Simpson continued with his plans and told them the ring belonged to Felix Faust, who was known to have a vast collection of magic rings. They took the bait. To make matters worse, Constantine ordered Orchid, the physical manifestation of the House's magic, to keep Simpson alive and safe and help him in any and every way. They left and attacked Felix Faust after Swamp Thing helped locate his Observatory of the Cosmos. During the battle, they realized Faust could summon the Demons Three and had access to the Dreamstone whenever he wanted. Batman deduced that Simpson was the real culprit. Simpson went for his cane and pressed his palm to the Dreamstone shard atop it. Orchid could not hurt him and took Simpson to the main room. He ordered Orchid to walk into the fireplace then he summoned the other piece of the Dreamstone. He allowed Constantine and the others back into the House. He was surrounded himself in a sphere of red energy and rose up then levitated everyone. Simpson told them the truth.

Once Destiny gathered enough power, he merged the larger Dreamstone into Simpson's chest then the shard reconnected with it. Destiny used Simpson as a host and rematerialized on the earthly plane. Destiny declared himself a god and blew up the House. Destiny directly used his powers in Washington D.C. and everyone in his radius instantly went insane. Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern all were infected by the madness and Destiny dispatched Swamp Thing by pulling out the corpse of Alec Holland. Constantine came up with a simple Trojan Horse plan. Constantine proved to have a mind strong enough to resist the Dreamstone due to his past trauma and history with paranormal incidents, including Newcastle. He insulted Destiny and was pulled into his force shield. Constantine was unaffected and blew off Destiny's threats. On his signal, Deadman left Constantine's body and possessed Destiny. As they struggled, the shield dissipated and they dropped to the street.

Jason Blood used Etrigan's blade and impaled Destiny from behind. The Dreamstone was liberated from his body. As Constantine cast a spell to finish him off, Destiny tried to summon the Dreamstone back to him. Batman blew it up with an exploding Batarang. Destiny was extinguished in flames and Simpson was taken to Hell by the Shrouds.