Boom Tube

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Movies): Justice League: War, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, and Justice League vs. Teen Titans
Appearances (Comics): The Death of Superman Chapter Nine The Wake: Picking Up the Pieces
Powers/Skills: Instantaneous Travel
Voiced By: Not Applicable

A Boom Tube is an artificial portal designed to create a tube between two points in space and allow beings to cross vast distances in an instant. It gets its namesake from the sonic boom generated when opened by a Mother Box. During the invasion of Earth, Cyborg was able to connect to the network used by the Mother Box to simultaneously draw all Parademons through Boom Tubes back to Apokolips. Once charged by Shazam's lightning, Cyborg was able to initiate closure of all Boom Tubes on Earth. He was then able to generate Boom Tubes that somehow drew only kidnapped humans through it back to Earth near Metropolis.

Cyborg boomed to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to investigate the downed S.S. California and recover its missiles. Cyborg was attacked by three Atlanteans and forced to take a Boom Tube back to Metropolis. In search of Superman and Wonder Woman, Cyborg and Shazam took a Boom Tube into the city and found them in a Greek cafe on a date. After Arthur Curry and Superman saved Mera, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern from a trench monster, they learned of a tidal wave headed for Metropolis. Cyborg opened a Boom Tube and took everyone to the city's coast. Against Toymaster, Cyborg implemented use of the Boom Tubes in battle and teleported behind him but one of the villain's drones rammed Cyborg. After learning of an encounter between the Teen Titans and Trigon's Corruptors at a carnival, Cyborg, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Flash boomed to the Titans Tower to inquire about Raven but they were ambushed and possessed. Blue Beetle managed to purge Cyborg of a Corruptor at the last minute with a system overload.

24 hours later, the Titans launched a plan to save the rest of the League and stop Trigon. Cyborg, Blue Beetle, and Starfire descended from a Boom Tube in the sky near the Infernal Shrine and opened fire on the possessed Superman. As he reached them, they scattered and Beast Boy, as a vulture, carrying Robin rushed him. Robin stabbed him with Kryptonite and forced the Corruptor out. 10 days after Trigon was re-imprisoned by Raven, Cyborg boomed to the Titans Tower for pizza night but arrived just as the Titans were finishing a conversation with the rest of the League.