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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Son of Batman, Batman vs Robin, Batman: Bad Blood, Justice League vs. Teen Titans, and Justice League Dark
Powers/Skills: Transportation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Batmobile is the primary vehicle of Batman. He can lock and unlock it with his Utility Belt. He also appears to be the only driver. The Batmobile, itself, fits two and has a direct line to Alfred Pennyworth and Nightwing. During the Dollmaker case, Robin noticed a connection between the victims and Schott's Toys. He stole the Batmobile and drove to Ichabod 60 miles outside of Gotham City. Several days later, in the invasion of Wayne Manor, Talon drove the Batmobile off the ledge straight to a lower sub-level. He fired the Batmobile's twin turrents at the Bat Armor and clipped an arm off before crashing and pinning the suit to the ground.

Months later, Nightwing briefly posed as Batman in his absence. After answering the Batsignal, he drove the Batmobile to the docks to intercept Black Mask. Kate Kane and her father witnessed the Batmobile drive past the diner they were meeting at. For the rest of the night, Kane pursued the Batmobile as Batwoman to confirm her belief that someone else was posing as Batman. After botching Black Mask's shipment and taking Robin, Nightwing knew Batwoman was following them. After a series of turns, they left the Batmobile and waited for Batwoman to stop and examine the car. They confronted her and learned she was there the night Batman vanished. While Nightwing made it clear to Robin he didn't want to be Batman, Alfred Pennyworth contacted them and played Batman's file on Batwoman.

The Heretic forced Lucius Fox to give his gang access to a secret vault under Wayne Enterprises. Inside the vault were various Batmobiles built over the years Fox aided Batman with technology. A security breach alarm was triggered with the Batmobile. Batman (Dick Grayson) and Robin drove to the vault and pinned Tusk to a wall. In the fight, Heretic blew up one of the other Batmobiles with an exploding Batarang. After Heretic kidnapped Robin from the Batcave, Pennyworth alerted Batman (Grayson). He and Batwoman traced Robin outside the city at the Sisters of Perpetual Grace convent. The nuns began firing at the Batmobile. Batman launched missiles and rammed the convent gate down.

After the unveiling of the Hall of Justice, Nightwing drove Robin up the coast in the Batmobile to the Titans Tower where he would train with the Teen Titans. Two nights later, Batman took the Batmobile to a battle between the Corruptor-possessed Superman and Atomic Skull in Metropolis and tried to exorcise him with Kryptonite but he flew away. Batman tried in vain to convince Wonder Woman to return to Themyscira then drove back to the Hall of Justice. Amid a global supernatural epidemic, Deadman convinced Zatanna to take Batman to see Constantine. She input symbols into the Batmobile's GPS for the House of Mystery to find. As they drove on the outskirts of Gotham City, Ritchie Simpson used his piece of the Dreamstone and Destiny took control of Felix Faust then conjured a demonic tornado. Batman swerved to avoid debris but the Batmobile was soon pulled in by the tornado. Zatanna cast a protective spell around it but couldn't hold on for long. Batman revved the motor and sped out of the tornado. The House of Mystery finally appeared. Batman, Zatanna, and Deadman ran in while the tornado swept up the Batmobile and trashed it before dissipating.