Episodes 17 Review

"Lois and Jimmy recruit mercenaries and mad scientists to help them steal a spaceship." The seventh episode of season two "Olsen's Eleven" rewinds from last week's episode and bridges the gap showing fans how Lois and Jimmy ended up in space with The Brain and Monsieur Mallah.

Suffice to say, "Olsen's Eleven" takes inspiration from the classic heist movie structure. Even the episode title itself. The object of the heist is presented. The crew is assembled. The heist is jinxed. The crew improvises. Someone betrays them or it turns out to be a feint. They prevail and a secondary heist also succeeds. The crew parts ways.

After the romance drama two weeks prior and heavy reveals last week, I think in retrospect this episode will be a more appreciated detour of sorts. It is essentially an aperitif heading into the final three episodes of season two where things are likely to get more dour, namely Brainiac mentally hammering Superman into compliance and unleashing him on Earth which is speculation on my part but logically where this season is headed. It also gets Lois back in the game after getting burned by dad again and imploding... all thanks to the probably most unlikely person on the show calling her out and dishing out sage advice. Livewire. Yeah. And the episode also lines up things on Earth rather than waiting to stuff it all in at the last minute when all hell breaks loose: Metropolis is under martial law, Task Force X has taken over under the guise of a public mask called the Human Defense Corps, Lex is working on giving the Metallos a new power source (long time DC fans can take a wild guess what that is... Kryptonite), Lex and Slade's rivalry is dialed up, Jimmy convincing Lois to give Kara a chance, and Lois finding out about Jimmy and Kara.

Adding to the lighter tone of the heist gimmick is the much appreciated return of The Brain and Monsieur Mallah! Livewire being dumbfounded, their chibi style briefing of they were up to, beating up their alternate selves and taking their stuff, the reveal they were having brunch with Jimmy this whole time, working under high stress – they always show up in the show when a breath of fresh air and comedic antics are needed. I said it before, I'll say it again: I could watch a spin-off starring these two. And no time to dwell on it in the episode, but Jimmy's broke again! Guess he can't buy that much ice cream and hot dogs for Kara anymore.

Conversely, this isn't just a bottle episode. There are a lot of big changes affecting the status quo that will come pay off this season and/or likely pop up again in season three. Task Force X is not hiding in the shadows and declared martial law, Lex is powering up the Metallos with Kryptonite, Jimmy's broke, Jimmy and Lois are criminals, Lois hears what she needed to hear, a Parasite suit is now in the wild, Brain and Mallah have a safe portal machine, and the chip on Slade's shoulder gets massive. The puzzle pieces are really starting to come together for the season finale.

"Olsen's Eleven" is a crucial spotlight on Jimmy and Lois that moves things forward in preparation for the final three episodes of the season much like last week was a bottle episode focusing on Superman, Kara, and Brainiac. Splitting this story into two full episodes to allow each set of characters to get their due was a smart move versus jamming this into one episode going back and forth at a slog with a house of cards structure.

DCAU Resource's rating: 9.6/10