Episodes 15 Review

"Lois and Clark's relationship is pushed to the breaking point when Superman is named Metropolis' most eligible bachelor; Jimmy gives a girl a tour of the city; a girl is on a mission to find her long-lost cousin." The fifth episode of season two "Most Eligible Superman" puts Superman in utter peril, Lois tumbles into her breaking point, and Jimmy distracts himself from trying to mend fences.

It's pretty much a tradition for My Adventures With Superman for something amazing like Kara arriving on Earth but doing so at the worst possible time for our three characters. Jimmy is so guilty about the S.T.A.R. Labs Symposium going sideways that he's avoiding Clark and overthinking how to make things right. To compound it, he meets a girl looking for her cousin and a budding romance forms then realizes he was distracting himself and takes her right to her cousin: Superman. And Superman is beaten up and taken against his will into space back to Brainiac. Meanwhile, Lois is crumbling, falling apart, and at her most insecure so much so she starts think she and Clark should break up because it's not working and she always ends up alone. Kara is tossed into the drama and misconstrues everything going on: the contest, didn't get Superman was putting on an act, sensory overload, taking offense to Superman not listening to her, recognizing her, and brushing her aside and goes on the offensive.

Or perhaps Kara came at the right time and met just the right person that would begin to jilt her from her villainous role to a more benevolent one. The first meeting between cousins may have gone terribly but Jimmy showed her a great time in Metropolis. And we even saw her hesitate when she noticed all the scared adults and children in the streets. Not to mention her impulsion to go to Earth alone to get away from rules and discover new things and the unknown. If anyone can get through to someone, it will be these three. And likely Kara will be instrumental heading into season finale if the final baddie will turn out to be Brainiac and she has to choose a side. Another eyebrow raising caveat is how Brainiac is intrigued by Superman's freeze breath and bio-electric aura. It seems Supergirl has not manifested that power set if he changed his mind from one extreme of 'kill Superman' to the other end with 'I want Superman' - I hope this doesn't lead to a brainwashed evil Superman as a nod to the fears brought on by Lois gleaning several evil Supermen amid the Multiverse. Basically, Brainiac dumps Kara and wants Superman to be his new general and continue conquering worlds with him instead.

Cat Grant had a great feature in this episode. While for the majority of the series, she's been a periphery character and usually used for comedic relief. That still holds for this episode, I mean, even heard Perry whisper about the contest and pressed up against his glass, creeping up on Lois but the episode also showed some unexpected depth and wisdom in reminding Lois about how reporters need to maintain objectivity.

The episode also had a cool deep cut of guest stars among three of the finalists in the Most Eligible Bachelor and Bachelorette Contest. Chandi Gupta is the most obscure choice, better known as Maya in the comics. Byrna Brilyant is a Wonder Woman villain who goes by Blue Snowman in the comics and recently appeared in the fourth season of Harley Quinn. And lastly, the philanthropist Silver St. Cloud who was a recurring guest on DC Super Hero Girls and a rather dramatic cameo in Batman: Soul of the Dragon. There was also a quick cameo of reporter George Taylor from the Metropolis Star who asks Superman the first question. Metropolis Star being the Daily Planet's local competition. Hank Henshaw makes his third appearance of the season and continues Luthor's rhetoric about three cheers to Silver for refuting him and bringing up the events of "Zero Day Part 2" and Ivo. Still a bit reckless of Hank to basically tell Superman that S.T.A.R. is backing Task Force X.

"Most Eligible Superman" brings the splintering of the trio to its breaking point. Hard to say if we needed relationship melodramatics but on the other hand these are two young 20 somethings in their first relationship so it tracks to an extent. And it all imploding when one of the big bads shows up was a perfect storm. Additionally, I admit I was taken aback by such a vulnerable and insecure Lois as she is usually depicted as an unflappable and stalwart person that can roll with anything. I can understand the trajectory of taking Lois and Jimmy reach rock bottom at the halfway point of the season but it comes off rushed and contrived. Superman getting kidnapped will likely be the galvanizing event that gets him back to their A-game and working towards a common goal. It stands to reason why it was seeded in the season premiere that S.T.A.R. Labs acquired Amazotech's jump ship. Lois and Jimmy are totally going to use it to man a rescue operation. But how will they find Superman? Some tech in Sam's safehouse? Something Task Force X has? Something left in Antarctica? Can Jimmy's bank account pay for it all and is this what leaves him broke and penniless again? One thing for sure, the clock is ticking.

DCAU Resource's rating: 9.5/10