Episodes 11-12 Review

The long-awaited two episode season 2 premiere of "My Adventures with Superman" airs on Adult Swim's Toonami block on May 25 in the 12 am slot with episodes 11 and 12, "More Things in Heaven And Earth" and "My Adventures with My Girlfriend". It's been two months and change since the season one finale and the season synopis reads as, "The three best friends face a host of new threats. Powerful foes will emerge from Clark's alien past, Amanda Waller will take aim at Superman, Lois will grapple with the future, and Jimmy Olsen will spend an unbelievable amount of money. Krypton is coming for our young heroes, and its arrival will test their strength, loyalty, and love like never before."

Thankfully, the show has not skipped a beat and hits the ground running. The ongoing arcs for our three best friends continues in full force as they deal with their new status quo at the Daily Planet and no time is wasted in seeking some answers but with the revelations in these two episodes leads to more questions and new goals. The at-times quirky heart and humor from season 1 remains strong and at the forefront coupled with incredible art design, animation, and action set pieces. By the end of the second episode, the season is essentially laid out. Superman has his ongoing arc and a new goal. So does Lois. So does Jimmy. The two big threats of season one are looming large in season two. Clark's life gets a whole lot more complicated. One character who was a bit player in season 1 makes his move and it should be interesting to see comes of it, especially if you are a long-time fan of DC animation like Justice League Unlimited. The world of My Adventures With Superman is ever expanding. It's simply like no time has passed between seasons and it one of the most perfect DC shows ever made. Knock wood, smoke signals, anything that would cement that this show has been secretly renewed for more seasons or is on the verge of being renewed. This show can't end. Ever.

DCAU Resource's rating: 9.9/10