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United Planets

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Champions, Chain of Command, and In Your Dreams
Skills: Politics, Diplomacy, Negotiation, and Arbitration
Voiced By: Not Applicable

After World War VI in the 28th century, there was a massive increase in planetary colonization by Earth. To handle relations between Earth and its colonies, a quasi-governmental body was established, the United Planets. In the 29th century, the role of the UP expanded to include dispute arbitration, trade agreements, settlement policy, and inter-species relations. When the UP's success grew, non-human inhabited planets applied for membership. The subtext was to form a military alliance against hostile races such as the Dominion and the Khunds. In the 30th century, it also formed and currently oversees the Science Police.

The United Planets' main headquarters was on Earth but as the membership grew, the decision was made to relocate it to another world. An artificial planet named Weber's World was created. On the day of formal ceremonies to dedicate the planet, the Dark Circle attacked in order to cause political tensions and possible war. The Legion intervened.