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Ayla Ranzz

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Real Identity: Ayla Ranzz
Appearances: Lightning Storm and Chained Lightning
Powers: Telepathy
Voiced By: Kari Wahlgren

Ayla Ranzz is the twin sister of Garth Ranzz, Lightning Lad. Unlike Garth, she is more optimistic and sociable in nature. When the Ranzz children crashed on Korbal, they were attacked by Lightning Beasts. While Garth and Mekt received super powers, Ayla was phased into a state of sentient energy. Over the years, the energy grew and accumulated more power. Ayla still existed within and made telepathic contact with her brothers through their dreams. They were unaware she was still alive.

Some time later, the Dominators became interested in harvesting the energy to fuel their Takion Cannon but the Legion of Superheroes intervened. Lightning Lad realized the energy was Ayla and convinced Mekt, no Lightning Lord, to help save her. By channeling both their powers into a device aboard the Legion's Battle Cruiser, they were able to reverse the original event and restored her to normal. Ranzz appeared as if she never aged after the accident. Lightning Lad returned to Winath to reunite her with their parents.